Leader Back Office.
As the leader of the group you have access to a number of other features to keep your team on track.

Our goal is to make it impossible for someone to consider thinking about joining your company with another team. You have the upper advantage with this system. As the leader, you will get the recognition for bringing the system to your group. So naturally, you'll have more control over the content.

In addition to having a Member account yourself, you will also have access to the Leader Back Office wher you can control a number of things.

Leader Back Office Features.

1. Manage Members

In the Manage Member area you will see a list of all members and their information. This gives a quick view of everyone in the system. Additionally, you can click on "edit" by the member's name and access his "About me" information. This is useful if a change needs to be made and the member can't access the site for some reason.

2. Email Members

This is a very useful feature that allows you to email ALL members. It includes a "word processor" like editor so you can jazz up these emails with colors and different fonts.

3. Resources Manager

This is an article manager which is for member's only. The public will not see this information as it is only displayed in each member's back office. This can be used to announce training conference calls, phone scripts, important phone numbers, or anything else that you want your team to know.

4. News Manager

This is an article manager that is displayed on each member's replicated website for the public to see. This is useful for new product announcements, what's new with your team and anything else that you think might be of interest to site visitors.

5. Calendar Control

As the leader you can post events, conference calls and other things that you want every member to see in their own calendars.

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