Sponsoring Explosion
Our system will help each member create their own sponsoring frenzy.

How do we do this?

First, there is a tremendous amount of excitement that is built up as your team begins to learn about this system that you are putting together for THEM. This excitement alone will have them talking to more people.

After your site is developed is when things really begin to take off.

Your members will devour the website andlearn how to use it effectively. Of course, we providemany suggestions in the back office on how to utilize the site to it's maximum ability, but it will be theirunbridled enthusiasm that puts things into action.

Once they see the lead capture page, they will want to immediately get real-time, fresh prospects from that page. They will realize that there is a simple way to find people that are genuinely interested in your opportunity. Since we provide an easy way to generate quality traffic to their very own landing page, they can get started right away.

Each member can generate as many leads as they wish. There is no question on how the leads were generated. This is a huge benefit to anyone who has ever purchased leads. This is the exact same way we do it on our large company specific campaigns.

As prospects convert into distributors, they will take advantage of the exact system that brought them in. They'll get this system and start driving traffic to their lead capture page and signing up new distributor themselves. It's a cycle that can continue indefinitely for YOUR team!

Imagine if 70%-80% of your downline were using this system and generating their own real-time leads, with built in follow-up system, on a monthly basis.

Our system solves the number one problem new people have in starting their business...."Who do I KNOW who would be interested in this business?".

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