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Online Marketing Dashboard

Online Marketing Dashboard - Gives key information on recent hits, traffic and leads. Quick access to most recent tour takers and callback request prospects.

Widgets on Dashboard :
  • News & Updates (admin controlled)
  • Most Recent Activity (tracks all user activity)
  • Quick Contact Search
  • My Tasks
  • Calendar Items
  • Key Site Information
  • Lead Stats Summary (today,7d,30d,pageviews,etc.)
  • 5 Most Recent Tour Takers,Callbacks,Revisits
  • Latest Emails Sent
  • Latest Emails Opened
Of course, each of the above section includes links to the dedicated page as explained below.

Recent Activity
On the Dashboard are the 5 most recent activities tracked by the system, simply click through to view an entire history of activity from ALL prospects.

Latest Emails Sent
A real-time list of all of the emails sent out of the system on your behalf are available in a quick list with links to the prospect's information page.

Opened Emails
any html email has the ability to be tracked for opens, clicks and forwards.

Clicked Links
html email also have click tracking so you know exactly which link has been clicked giving you grat insight to your email content and layout.