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Website and Lead Capture Pages

My Main Website Link - This is where the URL for the site is located and there is also a neat feature to change the main URL to a lead capture page or other pages as designated by admin.

Replicated Websites & Tours
Unlmited websites and domains can be used with our system.

If you've got the budget, you can give your distributors an incredbile amount of marketing pages, information pages, video pages, you name it.

Design it, upload it and it's done for the reps.

We use a "Callback Request" form on all system so that the usual replicated website portion of the system, can also capture interested prospect's information.

** User Alerted for Each Callback Request **

Lead Capture Pages
Tour Taker Lead Capture Pages - Tour Taker lead capture pages are "ready to go" for the user. They simply start advertising the link.

The design, content, opt-in form, message campaign and redirect page are all pre-formatted into these lead capture pages. All the rep has to do is start advertising the URL. A scrolling list of recent tour takers keeps the site current and helps with conversions and credibility. An email is sent to the user each time a lead is generated.

Our system can be programmed for multipe redirect paths and follow-up campagins for each lead capture page if necesssary.

** User Alerted for Each New Lead **

DIY Lead Capture Pages
My Custom Lead Capture Pages - This is where each user can build their own lead capture page using a provided template. The user is able to build the optin form and select which fields to include, ask up to 5 custom questions and select the message campaign and redirect page. More on next page.

This section is customized to allow the user to control the following:

  • Opt-in Form
  • Content
  • 5 Custom Questions
  • Email Campaign Messages
  • Redirect Page
  • Optional: Video Control (use default or user's)
** User Alerted for Each New DIY Lead **