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WebSite Stats

WebSite Stats
Lead Capture Conversion Stats - This section tells how many leads have been generated for each page. Easily identify which lead capture pages are pulling in the most leads, use the ad tracking feature to further identify the location of the source, track and measure results and increase your advertising effectiveness.

Website Hits Stats - A simple hit counter for each page of the site. User can reset hits to zero and this won't effect the Advanced stats below.

Visitor and Page Analytics
Advanced Traffic Site Stats - - Detailed statistics about your traffic can be found in this section. Total hits, uniques, referrers, search terms, pages, browser type and more can be found in this easy to use section. Easily tell which links are giving you the most traffic!
Sample list of easy to read analytics:
  • Ability to search all stats by day/month/year
  • Visits/Unique Visitors
  • Total time spent on site
  • Bounces (left after one page)
  • Last Visits/Returning Visits in real-time charts
  • Referring Websites
  • Visitor Countries/Location
  • Best Search Engine Traffic
  • Keywords Used
  • Visitor Browsers
  • and Much More